275 Bell St, Corner Waterdale Rd -

Bellfield 3081

Dr Sina Malki
Gastroenterologist and Endoscopist

(M.B.B.S, FRACP, GESA member, GESA certified endoscopist)

Gastrointestinal telehealth/telephone consultations during the COVID19 viral pandemic are performed following the Government legislation. We follow strict hygiene measures and the suggested social isolation rules.

Our consulting rooms at Gastro Melbourne/Bellfield consulting rooms are located at 275 Bell Street, Bellfield Victoria 3081
Telephone number: (03) 9455 0099
Fax: (03) 94550102
Email: reception@digestivehealth.net.au
Argus address 607979 @argus.net.au
Web site: www.gastromelbourne.net

Our in house allied health services continue:

  • Gastro-intestinal dietician
  • Pelvic floor physiotherapist.

  • Other services we offer :

  • Capsule endoscopy
  • Arranging iron infusions.
  • Carbohydrate malabsorption breath testing (lactose, fructose, sorbitol, sucrose and glucose)
  • H. pylori breath testing

  • Look forward to provide our services to your patient’s and assist you in their gastrointestinal care

    One stop Gastro centre
    Commitment to excellent health
    Passion to get you better

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    Digestive and Gastro Centre – Melbourne



    Welcome to Gastro Melbourne, the digestive health centre dedicated to diagnosing and treating digestive disorders.

    A highly experienced gastroenterologist and endoscopist who combines compassion with excellent care.

    Gastroenterologist, Irritable Bowel Syndrome Specialist Melbourne



    • Committed to delivering excellent health care
    • Qualified gastroenterologist and endoscopist
    • Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS)
    • Fellow of Royal Australasian College of Physicians (FRACP)
    • State-of-the-art modern consulting rooms

    Services Provided

    • Consultation
    • Gastroscopy, colonoscopy, capsule endoscopy
    • Haemorrhoid banding
    • Iron infusion
    • Hydrogen and methane breath testing for food intolerances
    • H. pylori breath testing
    • Gastrointestinal specialist and expert dietician
    • Physiotherapist to assist with pelvic floor exercises and advice for improving bowel muscle tone
    • Female general surgeon
    • Faecal elastase for fat malabsorption
    • Faecal calprotectin
    • On-site pathology

    We look forward to providing an effective service for you and your patients.

    Hydrogen & Methane Breath Testing, Melbourne

    Equipped with the latest technologies


    Dr Malki is an experienced female gastroenterologist and endoscopist.

    Her practice covers all fields of gastroenterology with a special interest in endoscopies (gastroscopies, colonoscopies and the capsule endoscopy), inflammatory bowel disease, irritable bowel syndrome, coeliac disease, reflux disease, H. pylori, colon cancer screening, and hydrogen and methane breath testing for food intolerances.

    She completed her advanced training at the Royal Melbourne Hospital, the Canberra Hospital, the Western Hospital and the General Hospital. She is a member of the Gastroenterological Society of Australia (GESA), and the Royal Australasian College of Physicians (FRACP).

    Committed to providing efficient health care

    Why choose Gastro Melbourne?

    • One-stop gastroenterology centre
    • Over 16 years of experience managing gastrointestinal and digestive problems
    • Gastroscopies, colonoscopies and capsule endoscopies
    • Member of RACP, GESA and the Medical Board of Australia
    • On-site gastrointestinal dietician
    • On-site physiotherapists to manage constipation and faecal incontinence 
    • Breath testing for food intolerances
    • Professional and polite staff
    • Consultations, endoscopies and breath tests are available from Monday to Friday
    • Free on-site parking
    • Competitive rates
    • Detailed and thorough assesment for all consultations and endoscopies
    • We have a passion to get you better
    • Special endoscopy rates for self-insured public patients
    • Central and convenient location (opposite Austin Repat and Melbourne Polytechnic)
    • Easy access via public transport:
      • Bus route 903 – Altona–Mordialloc
      • West bus route 513 – Eltham–Glenroy (via Lower Plenty and Greensborough) 
      • South bus route 548 – Kew (Cotham Rd)–La Trobe University, Bundoora
      • Ivanhoe train station (Hurstbridge line) PLUS 548 bus–Kew (Cotham Rd) to Waterdale Rd

    For more information:

    Achievements Dr SINA MALKI

    * Australian of the year nomination award 2023

    * Nomination for 2 global excellence awards 2023 and 2024

    * Awarded best business in Australia Dr Sina Malki 2024

    * Chosen as the top 3 best Gastroenterologists in Melbourne-on a yearly basis including 2024, 2023, 2022, 2021 and 2020 and prior to that.

    * Member of the Royal Australian College of Physicians -FRACP

    * Member of the Gastroenterological society of Australia/GESA


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